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Sanskrit Mantras

The use of mantras holds particular frequencies for healing. You can feel their essence permiate through your body, stimulating connectedness and wholeness.

Through any Reiki or meditation practice it is advised to adhere to the values of truth, harmony, humility, wisdom and compassion for all beings.

To use a mantra is an experience of repeating these syllables over and over, evoking the vibration and energetic maps they compose. Mantra can be sung , spoken slowly or quickly.

It is best to explore which way feels best for you.

If thoughts, noise or body sensations arise, just gently return your attention to repeating your selected manra...

Ancient Sanskrit Mantras


Ananda Hum – Happiness is my true nature

Shum – Evokes spiritual inspiration

Shanti  Hum – I am peace

Aham Prema  - I am love

Lila Hum – I am playful

Shreem – I am all possiblities

Sarvatva – I am Wholeness

Shree Ram – I embody happiness & vitality

Dharma Hum – My life has purpose and meaning

Sampriya Hum – I am complete contentment

Om Mitraya – I am kind and friendly to all

Kleem Upanhasa – I attract joyful laughter

Shreem Namah – I honor the abundance of life

Rosa Hum – I am the essence of life

Ananta Swa Bhava – My being is without beginning or end

Ahra Kahrah – My desires have the power to manifest

Shreem Kleem Namah – I attract abundance from my true self

Hum Sa – Unboundedness is my true nature

Ananda Hum – I am pure bliss

Ksham Hoom – My universal awareness holds a single focus

Yayatah Hum – My awareness is infinitely flexible and fluid

Rabhasa Hum – I am pure delight

Samyama Hum – My consciousness is both active and silent

Aieem Namah – My true self is playful and wise

Hoom Namah – My divine nature reveals itself as it awakens

Parameshwari Namah – I manifest my desires in freedom

Sharvana Bhava – My awareness is aligned with the creative power of the universe