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Chakra Balancing Point Pendulum

Chakra Balancing Point Pendulum
Chakra Balancing Point Pendulum
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Chakra Balancing Point  Pendulum

Pendulums are divination tools they have been used for centuries for divination and determining the answer to any question which the rational mind cannot perceive.

 Once you personally program your pendulum to your energies (program provided when purchasing your pendulum). You can then ask your pendulum questions and receive the answer from your higher self.

Our pendulums make excellent tools for spiritual healing and inner growth.

                          Clear Quartz

  • Master healer  for any condition
  • Balances & rejuvenates whole body
  • Cleansing & Energising – absorbs negativity energy and transform it into positive
  • Amplification & alignment of thoughts & feelings provides clarity & action
  • Amplifiers other crystals
  • Works like a cosmic computer, stores information
  • Releases blockages
  • Aids memory


  • Strong healing & cleansing powers
  • Overcome addictions and blockages
  • Aids sleep & helps overcome nightmares
  • Grounds, stabilizes & increases vitality
  • Delivers self awareness, peace, security and life direction
  • Helps you to step away from your mortal side that is concerned with money & material possessions
  • Dispels negative emotions
  • Spiritual Stone –opens Third Eye
  • Useful with tension & migraine headaches

                    Lapis Lazuli

  • Protection
  • Teaches power of spoken word
  • Ability to cut through darkness in self, cutting energy ties, allowing purpose & direction
  • Encourages self-awareness & self-expression
  • Great for studying
  • Honesty & Compassion
  • Overcomes depression
  • Assists with cruelty & suffering
  • Alleviates pain & Migraine, Inflammation, Eyes, Ears, Nose & Throat.


  • Dream stone – manifest your dreams into reality
  • Brings about tranquillity and wisdom
  • Increases love & nurturing of self
  • Releases negative thoughts and awakens the mind 
  • Relieves depression
  • Reminds you that anything is possible
  • Stone of great wisdom
  • Awakens hidden knowledge
  • Brings your goals & ambitions to life
  • Your self confidence will be lifted with powerful new limitless ambition
  • Astral travel

                             Honey/Golden Calcite

  • The Great Eliminator!!
  • Enhances your self confidence
  • Excellent for meditation
  • Stone of healing & balance
  • Gives you hope & optimism
  • Helps deal with anger
  • Opens you up to compassion & Divine Love
  • Stimulates your will power
  • Opens the higher mind
  • Calms & soothes anxiety
  • Assists with hormonal imbalances


  • Grounding & Stone of creativity
  • Be free be creative be you
  • Courage, confidence
  • Promotes healing & empowerment
  • Encourages you to stand alone as an individual
  • Rebirths a thirst for life
  • Great for male fertility
  • Relieves laziness, boredom, confusion, self doubt & tiredness
  • Protection from greed, envy & resentment
  • Aids asthmatics & smokers as is increases oxygen

                               Red Jasper

  • Supreme nurturer
  • Supports during stress
  • Encourages determination
  • Encourages honesty to yourself
  • Aids quick thinking
  • Supports during long illness & hospitalisation
  • Balances mineral content of the body, helps  with menstrual &  menopause

CHAKRA: Brow/Crown

Wholesale options are available contact us for more information.

*Each pendulum is unique – including size, shape, natural cracks, fractures & inclusions.

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